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May 17, 2018

The Pillow Guide | Sofa Design Boards

Since we've found our new textile manufacturing partners (Rightfully Sewn), I've been excited to expand my custom pillow options.  I'll continue to add more each season and I look forward to it being a big focus of each collection moving forward.  

I get a lot of questions about what size pillows to use and how to arrange them.  I put together three design boards based on three different color sofa that I think are pretty popular - Cream (like my hearth room), Beige/Oatmeal (like our formal living room) and Grey (which I don't have, but my sister does...).

The most important size for me is the Large 22" Squares that anchor each side of the sofa.  In my (humble, wink) opinion, a 20" squares are too small to be on a sofa by themselves.  They need the larger pillows to fill it out.  I use the 20" as accents with the 22", or use the 20" in a chair by itself.  

In the arrangement above, as seen below in real photos of our Hearth Room, I used two 22" Large Squares on each side, then a 20" Square + a Rectangle as an accent.  To simplify, you could also just do a 20" OR a Rectangle, you don't have to have both.

I use Ikea inserts for all of the Cushion Covers in my store.  So, you can invest in the inserts from Ikea (inexpensive!!) once, and then switch out covers from my store each season like I do.

Ikea 26" Insert  ($9.99) for my 22" Pillow Covers

Ikea 20" Insert ($5.99) for my 20" Pillow Covers

Ikea Rectangle 26x16" Insert ($6.99) for my Rectangle Pillow Cover

This design is based on a grey sofa.  I chose two large 22" to anchor the corners, then a Rectangle Spa Check Pillow in the center.  This arrangement is a more formal, neutral look perfect for those who have a streamlined style.

This sofa is like the one in our more formal living room.  It is an Oatmeal Linen sofa and the walls and trim are Ben Moore Carrington Beige.  It is a very warm feeling room, so adding the blues and touches of green feel country and charming for summer.  As you can see in the hearth room at the beginning of this post, the same colors look brighter and cleaner on the white/cream sofa.

Textile Swatch Collections

I've added a "Shop by Swatch" page to the online store to make it easier to see the textiles unclose and personal.  When you click on a swatch, you can see each item that is available in that print - pillow covers, tea towels, napkins and table runners.  We are also offering physical swatches of my designs.  I'll be adding those to the store next week.  They will include free shipping!

Shop by Swatch Page, here >

May 14, 2018

Summer Refrigerator Food | Pasta Salad, Lemon Chicken, Cucumber Salad

At some point over the last few weeks, Spring completely and abruptly merged into Summer.  It is hot here.  Hot!  There is nothing I detest more than super hot days than cooking in a hot kitchen on super hot days.

For this week, I'm planning to stock our refrigerator with cool, flavorful and simple things that we can easily turn into lunch or dinner.  Its our favorite way to eat during the summer.  I usually marinade something for the grill like chicken, steak or shrimp, then we make up the rest of the meal with refrigerator favorites.

Here are some of the recipes I'll be whipping up this week to keep in the fridge : 

Emma LOVES chicken salad, so I usually make a big at the beginning of the week for our lunches.  She takes it in a small kitchen container to eat with ritz crackers and I usually have mine with a half of an avocado or as a sandwich.  

Lemon & Squash Orzo Salad >

Roasted Lemon & Thyme Chicken

This works hot out of the oven as a comforting supper, or kept in the fridge for slicing and putting on top of or with anything.

Green Pasta Salad

Super flavorful, great with sliced grilled steak or shrimp.

OMG, this is so good.  Addicting!  And pretty healthy for you.

Cool, crunchy, fresh.  This is a family favorite and so good with anything from the grill.

I'll wait until the tomatoes are really good to make this, but OH MY, I'm ready for it.

Simple Chicken Salad


 You can buy or make Chicken Salad.  Emma LOVES chicken salad, so I usually make a big at the beginning of the week for our lunches.  She takes it in a small kitchen container to eat with ritz crackers and I usually have mine with a half of an avocado or as a sandwich.  

Our recipe is simple - roasted chicken, celery, red grapes, red onions and mayo.  I keep chicken breasts in the freezer (I usually buy an all natural version from Target or Costco), so I can whip it up anytime.  I roast the chicken on a sheet pan with parchment for about 20 minutes, then let it cool and chop it or shred it.

Chicken Salad Recipe

3-4 chicken breasts
olive oil
sea salt
1 cup of grapes, sliced
1-2 stalks of celery, minced
2 tablespoons of red onion, minced
(I usually try to go pretty light on the mayo, but add as much as you like)

Roast chicken breasts on a sheet pan in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 375 degrees until cooked all the way through.  Let rest.  Meanwhile, slice grapes and mince celery and red onion.  When the chicken has cooled, cut it into small chunks or shred it with two forks.  Mix it with grapes, celery, onion and mayo.  Keep refrigerated.  

I packed this picnic using my favorite Kitchen Essentials.

All of these items are part of my Kitchen Essentials Collection (shop here) - things that I use over and over, in all sorts of different ways.  In these posts, I try to show you different ways you can use the essentials to make life simpler.  I love having a small number of items in my kitchen that can be used for everything I need to do.

Light Blue Gingham PJs

Happy Mother's Day to you!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day full of homemade gifts and special favors. My personal favorite was the spa treatment Emma set up for me in her room complete with cucumbers cut out of paper, 3 different scented lotions she rubbed on my feet while relaxing music played (on Mike's phone) in the background.
But today, go ahead and treat yourself with something you'll savor all summer long - these Light Blue Gingham PJs. Our summer mornings are very slow, so cute jams I can wear until about 10am (don't judge!) are necessary. Pajamas are definitely one area that I let my self splurge. There is nothing better than crawling into bed at the end of the day in soft, feel good, cute PJs.

May 07, 2018

The Green Fleur Block Print

Last Fall, I let you in to my process of creating my custom block print textiles.  The newest to the collection is the the Fleur.  It was actually called the "Small Berry Stem" (by me) but so many of you kept referring to it as the Fleur, that I followed suit.  And the name suits it, I think.  It is delicate and small, graphic and when it was printed by the wood blocks, reminiscent of a fleur de lis.

It is available in both a green and light blue right now.  I've ordered it in a deep blue and a gold color for later collections.  Are there other colors you'd like to see it in?  Maybe a grey?

The Green Fleur is so lovely and truly seasonless.  I am using it now with my blue check and block print pillows, and it will still look great with richer tones come in this Fall.  And of course, it will look perfect for the holidays.  I tend to stick to natural greens and golds for the holidays an accent with a little bit of red. 

All of my custom linens are available in : 

3 sizes of Cushion Covers, Napkins & Runners, and Tea Towels

The following Cushion Covers are available in the Green Fleur Print.

25" x 15" Rectangle Pillow Cover (26x16" insert), $38

Left to Right : 22" Lake Check, 20" Green Fleur, 20" Lake Check, 22" Blue Hydrangea

The Green Fleur is especially nice for Summer Entertaining.  The green color adds life and lushness to the table... and always matches the outdoors : )

Napkins, set of 4, $34

As I mentioned, the Fleur also comes in a lovely Light Blue Block Print.  I still have it available in Napkins and Cushion Covers.  Shop here >

The Light Blue Berry/Fleur made our bedroom so light and airy - love the softness.

 Shop the entire Garden Home Collection >

The JSH Napkin Collection

I had a pleasant surprise when I was photographing the summer linen collection - how lovely all of the linens from the spring collection coordination with the new napkins for summer. I just love how they all look together. I usually keep a set of 4 napkins from each collection, then we have larger parties I choose 2 or 3 different patterns to mix and match. For this set, I could have one from each! I think the mix of the small block print and the check is just so charming.
Shop Napkins >
All of these napkins are made here locally for me by Rightfully Sewn, a non-profit seamstress training organization. They are 100% cotton. The gingham checks wash up especially nice, almost like a non-iron shirt. Even my mom was impressed with how nice they were after they were laundered - that's saying a lot!
Napkins pictured here on the Large Tin Tray, so great for casual entertaining. Shop All >

Shop the JSH Collection >
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